Corso di formazione Access Advanced

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21 ore (generalmente 3 giorni pause incluse)


Knowledge of Windows.

Basic knowledge of Microsoft Access database or other.


The course participants will learn how to speed up the operation of the database, how to write advanced queries, create a convenient system of forms and reporting. The course introduces the participant to automate all operations using macros and VBA.

Struttura del corso

Tables and Fields

  • Indexes and their usage
  • Validation rules in tables
  • Lists of values
  • Search field
  • Creating and Using OLE Object data type


  • Queries with Union operator
  • Crosstab queries
  • Logical, date, text, convert, aggregate functions
  • Finding duplicates and unmatched records


  • Creating subforms
  • Viewing Totals
  • Opening subforms in a new window
  • Setting the default values for controls
  • Changing form views


  • Records numbering in groups
  • Creating a multi-column reports
  • Creating report templates
  • Creating user "labels"


  • Creating Charts
  • Embedding charts in forms and reports
  • Editing and modifying charts


  • Creating simple macro
  • Macros Wizard
  • Adding conditions
  • Assigning macros to control events
  • Ways to run macros
  • Creating a macro group
  • Autoexec macro
  • AutoKeys macro
  • Testing macro in the "single step mode"

Switchboard Manager

Export and import data
  • Exporting tables and queries
  • Exporting reports as a snapshot
  • Exporting reports to Microsoft Word
  • Importing data from other databases
  • Importing text files (CSV)
  • Importing Excel spreadsheets
  • Linking tables from other databases

Database Relational Model and the Database Integrity

  • Foreign keys and ways to maintain consistency
  • Cascade deletion and updating related records
  • Ways to join tables
  • Joining internal, external right and left
  • Joining tables without the clause "join"
  • Testing integrity

Tools and Maintenance of the database.

  • Compacting and repairing database
  • Backing up and restoring
  • Database Documenter
  • Database Replication
  • Synchronization
  • Viewing dependencies between objects

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