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I corsi di formazione locali SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture), condotti da istruttori, dimostrano attraverso discussioni interattive e pratica pratica i meccanismi della SOA e il valore aggiunto dell'utilizzo di contratti di servizio come parte del processo di sviluppo. La formazione SOA è disponibile come "allenamento dal vivo in loco" o "allenamento dal vivo a distanza". La formazione on-site in loco può essere svolta localmente presso la sede del cliente in Italia o nei centri di formazione aziendale NobleProg in Italia . La formazione in remoto dal vivo viene effettuata tramite un desktop remoto interattivo. NobleProg: il tuo fornitore di formazione locale

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Schema generale del corso Service-Oriented Architecture

Nome del corso
Nome del corso
14 hours
This course has been created for managers and architects planning to implement or currently implementing SOA solutions. It gives the overview of pros and cons of SOA and explains when, why and which part of SOA you should use.

Some of questions the course can answer:

- What are the benefits of employing SOA
- What are the risks associated with the SOA approach
- What are the trade-offs

- How to assess potential profit with SOA
- What real business case studies has been already made
- When and to what extent SOA should be implemented

- What are simplification and decomposition benefits
- How to migrate from existing solutions to SOA and why migration to SOA does NOT require rebuilding the whole existing infrastructure
- How to extend legacy applications with SOA
- What are the existing SOA suites and platforms
14 hours
Our ED-SOA training focuses on building and analysing an architecture framework that builds upon the SOA reference architecture. Services are used as event generators, signifying a problem or impending problem, an opportunity, a threshold, or a deviation.
21 hours

Who is this course addressed to

IT architects, IT mid-level managers, IT consultants

Format of the course

currently 100% lectures, but some tests could be added
14 hours
The course is designed for developers, web applications, aims to provide opportunities offered by the REST architectural pattern by which you can communicate between sites.
14 hours
This course is intended to provide an understanding on how to use, debug and manage Web Services from a non-developer/programmer perspective.
35 hours
This course is intended for Post Graduate (or equivalent) level students and will be a combination of lectures and lab sessions (theory and practice).

At the end of the course the student should be able to:

Knowledge and Understanding.

- Understand the principles and business advantage of systems developed around services.
- Become fully aware of the major protocols and technologies involved in the web services standard, and understand how these technologies fit together. Your knowledge will extend to leading-edge and emerging aspects of web services as well as the more established elements of the standard.
- Understand in depth the technology used to enable systems based on a widely used programming language to both use and provide Web Services.

Intellectual Skills:

- Identify where the service oriented approach and in particular web services are appropriate for particular business scenarios.
- Consider the most effective design for a web services solution
- Acquire, in the future, knowledge and understanding of emerging aspects of the rapidly evolving web services standard

Practical Skills:

- Operate with current technologies associated with Web Services that are platform neutral – XML, SOAP, WSDL
- Write and expose web services in a widely used programming language and write client code in that language to invoke web services.
14 hours
Governance Framework

A Services Oriented Architecture governance program doesn't make operational decisions. SOA governance sets policies by deciding what decisions must be made, who should make them and how to make them. In a shared services environment like an enterprise SOA, no governance or dysfunctional governance, or even a bad governance policy, can have severe and negative impacts across the enterprise. This two-day workshop shows you how to do SOA right. You will learn how to design, build and operate an effective governance framework for creating, communicating and enforcing corporate web service policies throughout the enterprise SOA.

SOA Policies

The workshop focuses on showing you how to create the processes and policies that establish and manage shared web services. As organizations start to employ web services via an enterprise SOA, they move from "silo to shared." Ownership of the underlying business process transfers from a single business area and "externalizes" into an enterprise responsibility. SOA governance directs and coordinates the processes needed to accept and exercise the responsibility for shared Web Services on behalf of all the stake-holders.
35 hours
This 5 day course is designed to give an understanding of the mechanics of Service Oriented Architecture. It includes the technical design of SOA based architectures and service oriented solutions to business problems.
14 hours
SOA (service-oriented architecture) is a style of computer software design in which application components provide services to other components through a communication protocol over a network.
35 hours
This course is intended for developers and architects. After an in introduction to SOA and the purpose for its implementation the program is to cover its technical foundation through XML, WSD and SOAP and to proceed to hands on implementations with the different Java Libraries. This course should be the first when introducing SOA into any organization as it sets the basics for SOA enterprise wide architecture, integration patterns and ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) solutions.
21 hours
During this course, we give an overview of SOA and SOA Governance. You will gain insight into the added value of using service contracts as part of your development process.
14 hours
Building complex enterprise applications is very challenging in an ever-changing environment.

Changes in the integration between services or systems will trigger changes in the design of the system. This course covers how to design maintainable, fit to the size and purpose of your organisation service and systems architecture and practical infrastructure.

This course covers common problems with building the landscape of distributed apps, starting from integration problem, infrastructure and modern approaches, to solving complexity issues.

This course explains the pros and cons of each solution (e.g. traditional SOA vs Microservice architecture), available tools (mostly open-source) supporting the development and maintenance, etc..

Course Format

It is mostly discussion (with limited presentations).
14 hours
This course is dedicated for technical people who want to learn OpenESB. The training details the technical concepts required for a good understanding of service integration design and development. It covers standard specifications like XML Schemas, WSDL and BPEL used by OpenESB. This 2 day course provides you with the basic knowledge to understand OpenESB principles and designs. For an immediate operational knowledge, OpenESB Training T02 is required.
21 hours
Talend Open Studio per ESB è uno strumento di integrazione delle applicazioni open-source in tempo reale per la mediazione e il routing dei servizi. Semplifica l'integrazione di sistemi, servizi e applicazioni di classe enterprise. Mediante applicazioni che abilitano al servizio e sistemi legacy, consente la creazione di architetture orientate ai servizi (SOA).

In questo corso di formazione dal vivo con istruttore, i partecipanti impareranno come utilizzare Talend Open Studio per ESB per creare, connettere, mediare e gestire i servizi e le loro interazioni.

Entro la fine di questa formazione, i partecipanti saranno in grado di farlo

- Integrare, migliorare e fornire tecnologie ESB come pacchetti singoli in una varietà di ambienti di distribuzione.
- Comprendi e utilizza i componenti più utilizzati di Talend Open Studio .
- Integra qualsiasi applicazione, database, API o servizi Web.
- Integra perfettamente sistemi e applicazioni eterogenei.
- Incorporare librerie di codici Java esistenti per estendere i progetti.
- Sfrutta i componenti e il codice della community per estendere i progetti.
- Integrazione rapida di sistemi, applicazioni e origini dati in un ambiente Eclipse con trascinamento della selezione.
- Riduci i tempi di sviluppo e i costi di manutenzione generando codice ottimizzato e riutilizzabile.

Formato del corso

- Parte lezione, parte discussione, esercitazioni e esercitazioni pratiche
14 hours
In this instructor-led, live training in Italia, participants will learn how to connect various applications, data sources, and APIs as they build a sample routing application using Mule.

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

- Design, build, and manage the connectivity between APIs and applications and services.
- Manage interactions across legacy systems and custom applications.
- Tie together software as a service (SaaS) and on-premises software.
- Use Mule's design and development tools to design, test and run Mule flows.
- Understand and support different messaging standards, including AMQP, JMS and WMQ.
- Monitor, deploy and configure applications with Mule Management Console (MMC)
14 hours
Although SOA is not specific to BPM software, there are a number of natural synergies between BPM and SOA. Perhaps most obvious of these is the separation of business process management as an independent function, allowing processes to be designed independently of any single application and leveraged as shared business logic.

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